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“I met Matt, by happenstance, in July 2016. At this point in my fitness journey, I had already acknowledged that fitness was important to me both because of its benefits and the fact that its a passion of mine. I’ve trained for years, being a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and ex lacrosse player, I was no stranger to dedication and hard work. I was not in a good place with my workouts though. I had gotten used to training 2-3 hours a day and eating healthy meals but not regularly or properly proportioned.

I felt like my body was always just going to be the way it was and I was fighting to figure out other options but I was having a hard time seeing out of my tunnel vision. I met Matt through a friend who had recommended me to him. I was and have always been pretty hesitant at the idea of getting a personal trainer because of the usual gouging prices and overall mundane workouts that left me dying to train myself. I pulled myself to doing a walk in and as soon as I showed up I was greeted with a warm welcome and smile. I can assure you I was not showing the same because I had my guard up as high as the ceiling. I wanted to see what he had to offer and he worked with me without hesitation. I am really, really stubborn when it comes to working out because I’m very particular but Matt didn’t let that get in the way or hinder his drive to getting me great workouts EVERY TIME I came in. In three months of an hour and a half workouts and a healthy eating plan, I dropped from 18% to 8% body fat. Not only did he transform my body but he educated me the whole way, answering my questions and even went out of his way to keep me on track and just overall motivated. Still to this day I am blown away by what he helped me learn and accomplish with my fitness goals. He has the passion and knowledge for fitness that can only come from a real love and understanding of the sport. I recommend anyone and everyone that wants to turn their bodies around to training with him. Its now February of 2017 and I have never been in better shape, truly am a changed person!” – Tony
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Hi, I’m Joy & am 71. I have known Matt since 2009. He was my trainer for 4 of those years.  I made amazing progress. He cares about the whole person meaning working out & nutrition. He’s so enthusiastic about training it rubs off on his clients.  It turns into fun & not drudgery.  I LOVED WORKING OUT WITH MATT & looked forward to every session!!! He is now helping me with info for a friend I workout with.  I’m in Colorado, he’s in Phoenix & still has time to advise me.  His love of helping others gain confidence in themselves through working out just flows out of him!!  He’s an amazing person & awesome trainer!! – Joy


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